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Sun. 5/28/17 -10am- “God Leads & We Follow” – Acts 11 – CD#1645

Acts 11

In the first century writing was not an easy thing. You had to write on parchment, and you wanted to conserve words because parchment was a specially prepared animal skin, and it was scarce. When Luke first wrote the Book of Acts, he wrote it on a piece of parchment that would have been about thirty feet long. If it had been any longer it would have been too bulky. So writers in the first century tried to limit their words.      However this story is told twice. We already read the story in Acts 10, but Luke writes it again in Acts 11, as Peter told his story to the church in Jerusalem. For Luke to write the story twice means that this story of the Gentiles receiving the grace of God was a very important point in time for the Christian church.”][/audio]

Sun.10am 5/21/17 “God Has No Favorites” – Acts 10 – cd#1644


In Acts Chapter 10, we see the beginning of the Gentile church. The Father poured out His Spirit and called out from among the Gentiles a Bride for His Son, Jesus Christ. This is a beautiful picture for which we can give thanks to God because the door has been opened to the Gentiles of the world.       God receives each person equally. He doesn’t close the door to anyone. It is wrong to think that one person is superior to another. No matter who the person is, no matter where they are from, if they will call upon Christ Jesus with a sincere heart, they will be saved!

**Happy Mother’s Day** – 5/14/17 “Godly Fear & Comfort” Acts 9:20-43 CD#1643


Between verses 25 & 26 of Acts 9, there is a gap of about three years. Paul did not go immediately to Jerusalem after leaving Damascus, but he went down to the area of Mt. Sinai in Arabia. He was there for three years as the Lord Jesus taught him and helped him to better understand the Scriptures.      It was a time of solitude. It was a time of seeking God. It was a time of great spiritual revelation for Paul. God used that time to reveal to the apostle His amazing grace, apart from the Law. For three years Paul was instructed personally by Jesus Christ.


Sunday 10AM 5/7/17 “The Way & The Saints” – Acts 9 – CD#1643


The Way is the name that was used for early Christianity. And Acts chapter 9 is the first time believers are called “saints”.  In the Gospel of Matthew, he spoke of the saints of the Old Testament rising from their graves after Jesus’ Resurrection. But here this term is being applied to the Christians in Jerusalem.   As far as God is concerned if you are followers of Jesus Christ you are saints. You don’t have to be canonized by any church to be a saint. If you have faith in Jesus, you are a saint. To be a saint means you are ‘set apart’ for God’s use.    Saint Gary has a nice ring to it.