2/26/17 -“The Fundamental Christian” – Acts 2:38-47 – CD#1635


The Fundamentalist Christian will help people experience the Love of God; and feel welcome in the Family of God. They will encourage people to learn and grow in the knowledge of Christ. These Christians are motivated by Jesus; learning, and growing in Him, and they demonstrate their love for Him (Acts 2). The Fundamental Christian in this world has solid, Biblical teaching as their foundation. They proclaim the holiness of God, and the blood of Jesus Christ. Through their actions they teach others how to worship, how to deal with sin, and how to love one another. They also teach others about God’s precepts for knowledge and living! All of this preaching and teaching is done through the power of the Holy Spirit, with conviction, and with eagerness to live for Christ. There is clarity as they share the un-compromised Word of God. The Fundamental Christian does not dilute God’s Word or distort the Gospel message. The basic Christian life is always centered on the Person of Jesus Christ, His Life, Death and His Resurrection! [/audi

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