1/22/17-“The New Jerusalem”-Rev.21 – CD#1630


We will need new bodies (John 14) so that we will not faint when we see the magnificence of heaven, and the New Jerusalem, with gold, silver, and precious stones used in the buildings and streets (Rev.21).   On earth we regard these things as rare and precious, but the amazing thing about God is that He just sees them as building materials, and decorations.  God doesn’t treasure them. God treasure you!

We are His treasure; we are what He values most. Peter said that we are “rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious.” (1 Peter 2:4). The value of something is usually determined by how rare it is, and God only made one of you. Jesus values you and Loves you, and He has invited you to be a part of His eternal family.  Will you accept His invitation today?

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