1/1/17 – “Teach us to number our days” – Psalm 90 – CD#1628

Psalm Chapter 90 “Teach us to number our days”

“Numeration is a child’s excercise in arithmetic, but in order to number their days aright the best of men need the Lord’s teaching. We are more anxious to count the stars than our days, and yet the latter is by far more practical,(that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom). Men are led by reflections upon the brevity of time to give their earnest attention to eternal things;they become humble as they look into the grave which is so soon to be their bed, their passions cool in the presence of mortality, and they yield themselves up to the dictates of unerring wisdom; but this is only the case when the Lord Himself is the teacher; He alone can teach to real and lasting profit.”-C.H. Spurgeon 

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