12/25/16 “Thy Kingdom Come” – Rev.20 – CD#1627


We believe the Rapture comes before God’s Kingdom (the Millennium) comes to earth (Rev.20). We have the same view as the Early church in 1 & 2 Thessalonians – the first letters to the church, or the ‘New Believer’s Handbook’.

We believe in a literal virgin birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, & a literal 2nd coming of Jesus & the defeat of His enemies. There can be no Kingdom age before Christ comes (Rev.19).  The righteous dead must rule with Him (Rev.20:5).  The separation of the chaff & the wheat must take place in order for righteousness to rule (Matt.13:40-43).    Satan must be bound before the Kingdom Age (Rev.20:1-3). Antichrist must be destroyed when Christ comes (Rev.19:20)  Israel must be restored before the Kingdom Age (Ezek.36:24-28 / Zech 12:10 / Rev. 1:7).  The 2nd coming of Christ will be unexpected (Matt.24:36). If  His Kingdom (the Millennium) came first, we would know.

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