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1/1/17 – “Teach us to number our days” – Psalm 90 – CD#1628

Psalm Chapter 90 “Teach us to number our days”

“Numeration is a child’s excercise in arithmetic, but in order to number their days aright the best of men need the Lord’s teaching. We are more anxious to count the stars than our days, and yet the latter is by far more practical,(that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom). Men are led by reflections upon the brevity of time to give their earnest attention to eternal things;they become humble as they look into the grave which is so soon to be their bed, their passions cool in the presence of mortality, and they yield themselves up to the dictates of unerring wisdom; but this is only the case when the Lord Himself is the teacher; He alone can teach to real and lasting profit.”-C.H. Spurgeon 

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12/25/16 “Thy Kingdom Come” – Rev.20 – CD#1627


We believe the Rapture comes before God’s Kingdom (the Millennium) comes to earth (Rev.20). We have the same view as the Early church in 1 & 2 Thessalonians – the first letters to the church, or the ‘New Believer’s Handbook’.

We believe in a literal virgin birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, & a literal 2nd coming of Jesus & the defeat of His enemies. There can be no Kingdom age before Christ comes (Rev.19).  The righteous dead must rule with Him (Rev.20:5).  The separation of the chaff & the wheat must take place in order for righteousness to rule (Matt.13:40-43).    Satan must be bound before the Kingdom Age (Rev.20:1-3). Antichrist must be destroyed when Christ comes (Rev.19:20)  Israel must be restored before the Kingdom Age (Ezek.36:24-28 / Zech 12:10 / Rev. 1:7).  The 2nd coming of Christ will be unexpected (Matt.24:36). If  His Kingdom (the Millennium) came first, we would know.

10am Sun. 12/18/16 “Christ Our King” – Rev.19:11-21 – CD#1627


Jesus has several names. He has the name “The Word of God.” he also has a name that no one knows except Himself. And He wears the name “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” seen here in Rev.19.   The most efficient form of government on earth is a monarchy, but it is only as good as the monarch. It is hell on earth if the King is a tyrant.   Jesus is the perfect King. He will rule absolutely, but in righteousness and love, and as the Bride of Christ, we will have the privilege of ruling with Him in His administration in the New Earth.

Sun. 10am Dec.11,16 “That Great Day” Rev. 19 – CD#1626


Revelation 19 brings us to some thrilling events that concern you and I as the Church, the Bride of Christ. This Chapter marks a drastic change in the tone of John’s Revelation. The destruction of the Beast’s kingdom marked the end of the Great Tribulation. Now we go from darkness to light, from days of judgment to days of blessing. Chapter 19 ushers in the greatest event for this fallen earth -That Great Day – the second coming of Christ.                                                                                                       Two amazing events are recorded for us here: The marriage supper of the Lamb, and the Return of Jesus to the earth.   Hallelujahs open the chapter and the opening of hell concludes it.  Two great suppers are recorded here as well; the marriage supper of the Lamb, and the feast of the birds of the air after the last part of the war of Armageddon.

Sun.10AM Dec.4 – “Commercial Babylon Falls” – Rev. 18 – CD#1625


The world’s future economic power is also called Babylon, and is pictured as a commercial machine that is in business to cause people to desire and buy material things. Revelation Chapter 18 reveals the end of all those beautiful material things and the machine.    Jesus told the woman at the well, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst.”(Jn. 4) Over every advertisement, and every material thing we should write; “Whoever drinks of this will thirst again.”                                                                              Material things cannot satisfy. Commercial Babylon tries to convince us that if we buy enough we will be happy, but it is a lie. Jesus is the only One who can satisfy the longing in our hearts.