Sun. 10am Nov. 27, 2016 “Mystery Babylon”-Rev.17 – CD#1624


Mystery Babylon is pictured as a Harlot who corrupts the leaders of the world. The image of a Harlot is used to describe Christians who wander into, and accept false teaching, betraying Jesus Christ who loves them. Here in Rev. 17 we see the Harlot compromising with the Beast.    This Mother of Harlots is connected with the ten kings of the revived Roman Empire, and is centered in Rome (Daniel 9). Rome was built on seven hills and is clearly defined in verse 9. It is important to remember that the corrupt system coming out of Rome will be the church that will exists after the Rapture, when Christ catches away His Bride.   When you take all the Christians out of any church, what is left will be horrific. And is called “Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots…”

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