10am Sunday 10/16/16 “Witnesses For His Kingdom” – Rev.11 -CD#1618


Two witnesses will testify during the Great Tribulation. They will be martyred, resurrected, and raptured (Rev.11). Most Christians agree that one of them is Elijah because Malachi prophesied that Elijah would be coming before the day of the Lord (Mal. 4:5,6).    Most Christians also note that the miracles the two witnesses perform resemble the miracles of Moses and Elijah. Moses is seen as the representative of the Law, while Elijah would represent the Prophets. And of course, when Jesus was transfigured (Matt.17- Mk.9 – Lk.9), Moses and Elijah showed up together, so it would seem reasonable to Bible believers that these two would be the two witnesses seen here. These two will be indestructible until “they finish their testimony,” and I believe that we who serve God with all our heart are indestructible too.  Nothing can harm us until God finishes what He wants to do in our lives. At that point, God will say to us; “Come up here” – and we will.  John 14

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