9/25/16 “Trumpets of Judgment” – Rev. 8 – CD#1615


The opening of the 7th Seal in Rev. 8 brings forth the 7 Trumpet judgments, then the 7th Trumpet, will bring the 7 Bowl judgments. These judgments occur consecutively & not simultaneously. They happen like dominoes or fireworks falling. And the Wrath of the Lamb is not complete until the last bowl is poured out upon this Christ-rejecting world.                                               As we read of the devastation that will occur at this time, we are reminded that God is fair. “Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!” (Rev.15:3) When the whole truth has been revealed, we will all declare that God was just & true. Whenever you come to something you don’t understand, fall back on what you do understand. I know that God is love. I know that God is true and His judgments are right.

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