Sept. 11, 2016 – “The Martyrs and God’s Wrath” -Rev.6:9-17


We admire the faithful witnesses from Foxes Book of Martyrs … or future martyrs (Rev.6:9). But today they would be called a nuisance, or a narrow-minded legalist, or worse.  Yet imagine if in those ages past, Polycarp, Lawrence, Wickliff,  Zwingle, and their peers had said, “The world is lost in sin; but if we try to set it right we shall only disgrace ourselves.  Let us sleep on it, and maybe when we wake up things will be better.”  Such action would have brought upon you and I a legacy of curses.  Age after age would have gone down into the pit, and many errors would have swallowed all of us.  But these men and women loved God’s Word and Jesus too much to see them trampled upon.

Today it is much as it was in the Reformer’s days.  Decision is needed. Where is the witness for today?  We who have had the gospel passed down to us by the martyr’s hands should not take it lightly, nor sit by and hear it denied by traitors who pretend to love it, but actually hate every line of the gospel. If Jesus does not come soon, there will come another generation, and another, and all these generations will be tainted and injured if Christians today are not faithful to Christ and to His Truth.

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