June 17, 2016 “Marrying The Enemy” -Rev.2:12-17 – cd#1606


The Church at Pergamos compromised The Faith, and allowed the seductive teachings of Balaam, and unbiblical teachings of the Nicolaitans to join the church.  Ephesus had even been commended by the Lord for hating the acts of the Nicolaitans.               Satan discovered that attacking and persecuting the church only caused her to grow in power, so he changed tactics, and joined with her, causing her to compromise her faith. Pergamos means “marriage”, and Satan seduced her with worldly ideas, and teaching teaching which she accepted, and it corrupted her.           Jesus appeared to Pergamos with His Word; a sharp, two-edged sword. Jesus is ready to do battle against that which which is carnal and that which is spiritual.

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