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July 3, 2016 “Our Love Relationship” – Rev. 2 – cd#1604


Calvary Chapel Santa Rosa – 465 Tesconi Cir. 95401 – Sunday 10AM  & 6:30PM

The Church at Ephesus had a wonderful Love relationship with Jesus Christ, and they were motivated by that Love to do a lot of good and Godly things. But Jesus had one warning for them. They had left their first Love. (Rev.2)                                                                       Jesus wants everything we do to be motivated by our Love for Him. The church in Ephesus still had good works and patience, but their motivation had changed. They were no longer motivated by Love.                                                     Jesus called them to remember and repent. He wanted them to leave their legal relationship with Him, and return to the Love relationship they had enjoyed with Christ at the first.

June 26,2016 “The Revelation of Jesus” Rev.1 – cd#1603


The Key to understanding the Book of Revelation is found in Chapter 1:19. John is told; “Write the things that you have seen (The past; Chapter 1), the things which are (The present time in which John lived Chapters 2 & 3), and the things which will take place after this (The future; Chapters 4-22).”

Chapter 1 reveals Jesus, and His relationship with His Bride, the Church. Chap. 2 & 3 reveals Jesus’ messages to His Church. Chap. 5 reveals Jesus’ redemption of the world in opening the seals. Chap. 6-18 reveals Jesus (the Lamb) pouring out His wrath & purging the earth before His 2nd coming. Chap. 19 reveals Jesus with His Bride in the Kingdom age & His victory over His enemies. Chap.20 Reveals Jesus, the Judge, on the Great White Throne. And Chap.21-22 reveals Jesus & His Bride and the eternal ages to come.

June 19, 2016 “A Father’s Love” – Jude – cd#1602


Jude was one of the early church “Fathers”. His life and teaching reflects The Father’s Love for His family. Our Father in heaven loves His Bride, the church, so much that He gave His only Son to die for us.      Our heavenly Father has many blessings He wants to give His children. And a wise Christian Dad will show his family A Father’s Love by teaching them God’s Word, and warning them about the false teachers that will try to stop them from walking with Jesus Christ. Many false teachers in these last days teach that there is no need to obey God, or trust in Christ to receive His blessings, as long as you ‘feel’ good about your relationship with God.   But Jesus tells us that ‘if we love Him we will obey His commands.” (John 14:15)  Therefore Jude teaches his Spiritual family to “…keep themselves in the Love of God” and receive Eternal Blessings.                                              

June 12, 2016 “Contending For The Faith” Jude – cd#1601 – Our New Address: 465 Tesconi Circle, 95401


Jude was the half-brother of Jesus. He and James were sons of Mary and Joseph, whereas Jesus was the Son of God born through the virgin Mary.                                           Jude wrote this letter to address the false teaching that was creeping into the early church. Ungodly men were leading people astray by denying the deity of Christ and by promoting immoral lifestyles that presumed on the grace of God. Jude exhorted the church to contend earnestly for the Christian faith. He writes of the many times in the past when God dealt harshly with apostates.                                       Jude didn’t give exact instructions on how to contend for the faith, instead he encouraged Christians to keep themselves in the love of God. 

Directions: From 101 North-bound take College Ave. off ramp, turn left onto College – go over RR tracks – turn right (North) onto Dutton -Tesconi is first street on left – 465 is on your right, half-way around the ‘circle’ …   From 101 South-bound take Steele Lane (turns into Guerneville Rd.) off ramp and turn right (West) onto Steele Lane (Guerneville Rd.) – go over RR tracks – turn left (South) onto Dutton then right (West) on Tesconi – 465 is on your left, half-way around the circle.