May 8, 20-16 “Blessed Mother”-Proverbs 31 – CD#MothersDay 2016


Mom: She is always there in time of need,  When friends come over, she will serve, she will feed.            The joy that fills each room she’s in, is contagious,  The Love & time she puts in serving is outrageous.           Throughout the years we’ve laughed, we’ve cried,  She taught me to embrace humility, to deny my pride.           Like Christ, she taught me by her actions,  As I saw her say ‘yes’ to Him & ‘no’ to her passions.           Like God & His Grace, this mom I don’t deserve, yet she continues teaching, & shows me how to serve.           But of all the gifts & sacrifices Mom has given me, offering me to Jesus, was the greatest of all of these.           I truly thank my God for choosing you to be my Mom,   I’m sorry I didn’t have time to make this poem a song.                           Love, your Son, Mike 

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