May 1, 2016 “Spiritual Truth or Error” – 1 John 4 – CD#1596

1 John 4

1 John 4 We have overcome the Error of the Enemy because He who is in us is greater than “he who is in the world.”  Christians have the victory because Jesus, The Truth, lives in us. Satan is the god of this world, but it’s only temporary. Man gave dominion over to Satan when he disobeyed God. But God’s Holy Spirit lives in us, and we are born again. We don’t worry about Satan’s error and lies.  Christians don’t have to worry about being demon possessed. We have the Holy Spirit of God living in us. And our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, will soon return, and take dominion over this world once again.

NOTE: Calvary Chapel of Santa Rosa will be moving – – again.  Our new address will be 465 Tesconi Circle, 95401  –  Stay ‘tuned’ for the time of our move – Pastor Gary 

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