Jan.3, 2016 “Called To Bless Others” 1 Peter 2:11-25

First Love

PETER’S WORDS TO YOU AND I ARE A BLESSING BECAUSE HE DREW OUT THE TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD & APPLIED IT. (1 Pet 2:11-25)    As Christians, we are Called To Bless Others! So we, like Peter, take the truth of God’s Word in our hearts, and apply it. It is not so important for us to have the exact King James word-by-word quotation. God is not the Spirit of chapter and verse. God is the Spirit of Truth! If you are listening to a Bible Study and The Holy Spirit takes a truth and confirms it to your heart, then use it to Bless others. We don’t have to say; “Pastor Gary said …” because the Holy Spirit has taken the truth into our hearts.     Grasping the basic truths of Scripture, and being able to relate them rightly is vital if we will be a Blessing. Peter did that in his letters and so we are Blessed.

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