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Dec.27, 2015 “A Chosen Generation” 1 Peter 2


1 Peter 2THE JEWS ONCE HAD THE PRIVILEGE of being the chosen instruments of God (Ex.19:5), but they didn’t live up to the responsibility. The nation of Israel did not bring forth the fruit that God desired.    Today God calls His Bride, the Christian Church, His chosen people. We Christians are God’s royal priesthood. We are a holy nation. We are to be God’s special people who will proclaim the praises of Christ who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. (1 Peter 2).       We now have that wonderful privilege, but with that privilege there is great responsibility. God’s desire is for the world to see the fruit of the Spirit of God in the world today.  And the fruit of the Spirit is Love!

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Dec.20,2015 “A Love Relationship” 1 Peter 1 Continued CD#1581


BEFORE GOD CREATED THE WORLD, He planned to create mankind, and to place him in this world so He might have a meaningful love relationship with mankind.   – In His foreknowledge, God knew mankind would make wrong choices. He knew man would fail. Yet, God still gave mankind the capacity to choose, because without choice, man becomes a robot, and you can’t have a meaningful love relationship with a robot. It may obey you, but it can’t give you meaningful love.  – You can choose to love God or choose to hate God, but choice must be involved if there’s going to be a meaningful love relationship. So God gave His only begotten Son to Love You and Me.

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1 Peter 1 “Our Living Hope” – 12/13/15 cd#1580

1 Peter 1

THE HEART OF THE GOSPEL is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Paul said the gospel we preach to you is that Christ died upon the cross for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day, according to the Scriptures. (1 Cor.15)          When you look at the preaching of the early church in the Book of Acts, you see that it centered on the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The first message preached by Peter after Pentecost was a sermon concerning the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. (Acts 2:30-32)                   That is always the heart of the message of the Christian church. Our hope is more than just hope. It is a Living Hope because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ ! (1 Peter 1)

James 5 “Patience & Perseverance” 12/6/15 – CD#1579

james 5

James is giving us the reason that Jesus hasn’t come for His Bride yet. Jesus is waiting to reap the precious fruit of the earth; those souls who will receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, and come into the family of God.          The early rain refers to the power of the Holy Spirit seen through the church in the Book of Acts as the Spirit was poured out. His ministry was so dynamic He reached the world with the gospel.  The latter rain refers to the promise that, in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh (Joel2:28) and there will be one final reaping of the harvest of the earth. Then Jesus will bring to an end the blasphemies and the rebellion of mankind, and set up His Kingdom on earth.     The Father has patience regarding the coming again of Jesus Christ and the establishing of His Kingdom. James is telling us to be patient.  (James 5)