James 3 “Wisdom From Above”- Nov.22,2015 – CD#1578


GOD’S WISDOM FROM ABOVE WILL ENABLE teachers of the Bible to stand under a stricter judgment.  His heavenly wisdom will strengthen you and I to tame the destructive power of a tongue set on fire by hell. God’s wisdom from above will make us realize the power of life and death that is in our tongue. God’s wisdom from above will empower us to use our tongues to build up rather than to destroy.

God’s wisdom from above enables us to live in peace. Christ offers a peace treaty to you who are at war with Him. Because of that war, there is turmoil in your heart; and that turmoil causes you to be at war with everyone around you.

God’s wisdom from above brings peace with God.  Jesus is invites you to enter into His Peace. (James 3)


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