James 1 – “Trusting Through Trials” – October 25, 2015 CD#1575

james 1 1-3[1]

GOD PUTS OUR FAITH TO THE TEST – Living in this ‘fallen’ world puts our faith to the test every day – Our devotion to Christ is put to the test. (James 1)    We are tested to the breaking point of our own abilities and resources so that we will learn to Trust in the Lord Jesus, instead of in ourselves.      My resources are limited; but when I look to God, I have unlimited resources. My strength is limited; however, when I put my Trust in God, I have unlimited strength.     Paul said that he took pleasure in his weakness, “for when I am weak, then I am strong”      (2 Cor.12:10) so count it all joy when your faith is put to the test.


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