Hebrews 13 – “Living The Christian Life” – 10/18/15 – cd#1574


GOD GAVE DIRECTIONS for sacrifices & holy days that were to be a way of life for His people. But after a time they were only going through the motions, and not truly honoring God with their hearts, although they were still offering physical sacrifices & praises. God rejected them because their actions were not coming from their hearts. (Hebrews 13).                                                 Jesus sees our hearts & knows how we live our Christian life. That is why our praises & offerings to Him must be a sacrifice from our hearts. There are times when praise just flows from my heart to Christ, and I can’t contain it. But there are other times when I don’t ‘feel’ like praising God or giving to God. It is very important that I praise God & give from my heart in those difficult times. We know God doesn’t need anything from us. But sacrificial praises & offerings bless Jesus when it comes from our hearts.                  What a great privilege it is to be able to give something to God that He really desires; the sacrifice of praise.

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