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Hebrews 11:13-40 “Choosing Faith” – Sept. 27, 2015 CD#1571


MOSES IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT A LIFE OF FAITH IS ALL ABOUT …. He could have lived as a prince in Egypt, with all the luxuries the world can offer. But he chose to suffer with the people of God, knowing that “the reproach of Christ is greater riches than all the treasures in Egypt.” (Hebrews 11)                                                                         The worst that God has to offer is better than the best that the world has to offer. This kind of faith can see the invisible One. When you look at the eternal things, the best that the world has to offer can’t hold a candle to what God offers. The choice is easy when you get the right perspective.


Hebrews 11 – “Pleasing Your Lord” – Sept.20,2015 – CD#1570


GOD IS PLEASED WHEN HIS CHILDREN PUT THEIR FAITH AND TRUST IN HIM!  It pleases our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ! It would seem that the opposite is also true. God is not pleased when we do not trust in Him, when we doubt His promises, and when we live in panic and anxiety. (Hebrews 11)                                                                         We are encouraged in the Scriptures, over and over, to trust in God. It pleases our Lord when we take Him at His Word. It pleases Him when we believe that He exists and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him – when we trust that Jesus will do what He says He will do.

Hebrews 10 “Hold Strong To Your Faith” Sept.13, 2015 – CD#1570


THE JEW COULD NOT PERSONALLY GO UP TO THE MERCY SEAT;  he had to go through his representative, the high priest, and we have Jesus Christ as our “high priest over the house of God,” so we come to God through him. The Jew could not pass through the veil which hid from public view the glory of the Shekinah, and Jesus Christ’s humanity was a veil which somewhat concealed the glory of his Deity; but the flesh of Christ having been crucified, the veil has been torn, and now we may come right up to the throne of God without trembling; in fact, we may come even with holy boldness and familiarity, and speak to God without anxiety. Having such a privilege as this, do not neglect it! It was denied to prophets and kings in the Old Testament time; but now that it is bestowed upon us, let us avail ourselves of it, and constantly “let us draw near” unto God “with a true heart in full assurance of faith.” (Hebrews10) Spurgeon 1865

Hebrews 9 “The Shadow & The Reality” – Sept.6, 2015 – CD#1569


THE EARTHLY PRIESTS ENTERED INTO THE TABERNACLE TO OFFER THE BLOOD OF THE SACRIFICE (Hebrews 9). That tabernacle was only a shadow or model of what was actually in heaven. And those animal sacrifices didn’t really work in taking away sins. It was only a shadow of the real thing. The reality was Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, entering into heaven itself, and offering His own blood once and for all!                                                                               There is no need for any further sacrifice. The blood of the goats and calves could only simulate the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice. Jesus was the reality.