Hebrew 4 “Soulful or Spiritual” 8/2/15 CD# 1564

Hebrews 4

THE SOUL AND SPIRIT are so entwined within us that it can be difficult for us to recognize whether or not the feelings we have come from a soulish or a spiritual experience. All of us have had soulful experiences, and spiritual experiences. So how can we tell the difference? That is where the Word of God comes in.     As we compare our experiences & our feelings to God’s Word, & as we study the Living Word of God it will help us divide between the soulful feelings, and the spiritual feelings. By comparing our experiences to the teaching of the Bible we have a true standard by which we can evaluate our experiences & feelings. The Bible is a living & powerful indicator of that which is Soulful & that which is Spiritual. (Hebrews 4)

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