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Hebrew 4 “Soulful or Spiritual” 8/2/15 CD# 1564

Hebrews 4

THE SOUL AND SPIRIT are so entwined within us that it can be difficult for us to recognize whether or not the feelings we have come from a soulish or a spiritual experience. All of us have had soulful experiences, and spiritual experiences. So how can we tell the difference? That is where the Word of God comes in.     As we compare our experiences & our feelings to God’s Word, & as we study the Living Word of God it will help us divide between the soulful feelings, and the spiritual feelings. By comparing our experiences to the teaching of the Bible we have a true standard by which we can evaluate our experiences & feelings. The Bible is a living & powerful indicator of that which is Soulful & that which is Spiritual. (Hebrews 4)

Hebrews 3 “A Love Relationship” July 26, 2015 – CD#1563


MOSES BROUGHT THE LAW, giving people a way to relate to God in a legal relationship. JESUS, AS THE SON OF GOD, brings us into a loving, family relationship with God. The Father wants a love relationship with His children, not a formal, legal one.  In a legal relationship, there is a tendency to look for loopholes in the law, to see what we can get away with. But in a love relationship, we only want to know how close we can get to the object of our love!   I believe God calls us to a love relationship, not a legal one. In a love relationship where we want to please our Father, we hang on to Him, and stay as close as we possibly can. I’d rather be part of His family than His employee.


Hebrews 2 “We Are One With Jesus” 7/19/15 CD#1562


AS A RESULT OF WHAT JESUS DID FOR US ON THE CROSS, IN HIS DEATH AND RESURRECTION, we are at one with Him, and He calls us “brothers & sisters.” (Hebrews 2)  How amazing and glorious that is.                                             When Jesus was talking with His disciples, after telling them, “I am in the Father and the Father in Me” (John.14:11), He went on to tell them of the day when “you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you” (John.14:20). The fellowship that has always been enjoyed within the Trinity is now ours, as we are in Him, at one with Him. And He isn’t ashamed to call us brothers & sisters. Amazing !

Hebrews Ch. 1 “God’s Ultimate Revelation” July 12, 2015 – CD#1562


JESUS WAS THE “EXPRESS IMAGE” OF GOD WHEN HE WAS ON EARTH. He said: “He who has seen Me has seen the Father” (John 14:9). The Greek word used here in Hebrews 1 for “express image” refers to an image made when a signet ring is applied to a wax seal. It’s an exact duplicate of the ring. Jesus is exactly God. It couldn’t be expressed in any stronger words.                                                             The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that Jesus is actually Michael the archangel. The Mormons teach that He is the brother of Lucifer, a fallen angel, making Jesus just another angel. Islam teaches that Jesus is one of many prophets. These are false teachings.  In John Chapter 1, the Bible teaches that Jesus is the Creator of all things, even the angels, and He is greatly superior to them.