2 Timothy 3:5-16 – “Outward Appearances” – 5/24/15 – CD#1556

2-Timothy 3.2-[1]

“HAVING A FORM OF GODLINESS BUT DENYING HIS POWER.”  (2 Timothy 3) This describes many Christians in these last days. They have an outward appearance of Godliness, but there is no Holy Spirit power in their lives. Their churches are often just social centers where Christians are entertained & hear motivational speakers. They can learn about a better life, how to quit smoking, how to raise children, how to invest, and it may be good advice; but the power of God is not there. Jesus said; “Without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) The power of the Holy Spirit is foundational to the Christian life. If we ignore God, the Holy Spirit, we are only teaching people how to get along in life without God, but without God we can do nothing meaningful with our lives.

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