1 Timothy 3 “The Mystery of Godliness” – 10AM Sunday, March 22, – CD#1548

1 Timothy 3

“.. GREAT IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS ..”(I Tim.3:16) That a human could be changed to become more like his Creator God. That a person can take on a Christ like character is an amazing thing, and an incomprehensible mystery. Yet it happens in the life of everyone who surrenders his life to Jesus Christ and is born again.

Lives are changed mysteriously! Drug addicts who have tried every program imaginable, suddenly are delivered from years of slavery to the needle. An alcoholic quits drinking and never touches it again. A person who was filled with bitterness and anger comes to Christ, and is softened immediately by the touch of God’s Word. Depression and anxieties are gone when people receive God’s Holy Spirit. Great is the mystery of Godliness!


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