1 Timothy 1 “Fight for Doctrine & Love” – Mar. 8,2015 – CD#1546

1 Timothy 1

The central themes of the Christian life must be God’s Word & God’s Love – The Enemy will fight against the sound teaching of God’s Word, and sharing God’s Love. In 1 Timothy Paul writes to his young friend, Pastor Timothy of Ephesus, and encourages him to continue in sound doctrine, and warns him to beware of false doctrine in the church. Satan promotes legalism, idolatry, and emotionalism. Satan has invented ideas like genealogies, astrology, re-incarnation, karma, mysticism, and even fables about Jesus studying with Eastern cults.

If Timothy had to be encouraged in the fight to continue in sound teaching, and had to be warned about false teachers in the 1st century church, we who are living in the 21st century church must certainly heed these encouraging words and warnings. The end result of teaching and applying the Bible will be mature, faithful, Christians who will work the work of God, & believe on the One who He has sent (Jn.6:28 & 29), and God’s Agape’ love will shine through their lives!

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