Acts 28 – “The Fruit of Living By Faith” – 1/4/15 – cd#1538

Acts 28

In Acts 28 – the last chapter of the book – We see that the Apostle Paul was a prisoner of Christ in Roman chains for two years. Paul used that time to write letters to the Ephesian church, the Colossians, the Philippians, to Timothy & Philemon. Think what we would have lost if we didn’t have Paul’s letters. They make up most of the New Testament.

God brought the Apostle to the wicked city of Rome to bring the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who would listen or read. He was not only a blessing to the churches where the letters were sent, but his letters have been a blessing to all Christians through the centuries. Today we are reaping the fruit of Paul’s living faith in Jesus Christ while in that ungodly, seemingly impossible, situation.


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