Acts 24 “Delayed Decisions” – Nov.30, 2014 – CD# 1534

Acts 24

PAUL TESTIFIED TO GOVERNOR FELIX THAT THERE IS A DAY OF JUDGMENT COMING.  He told Felix that he had not been living right, and his sins were going to catch up with him. (Acts24) Felix heard, understood, and was even afraid, but he delayed making any decision. This is what people often do; they delay a decision that is certainly the most important decision they will ever make. Felix was convicted of his sin yet he put off any decision, telling Paul; “Go your way now. When it is convenient, I’ll call you.” He put off the most important decision of his life.

Many people have made this same mistake, delaying the decision to commit their lives to Christ. In that hour when God’s Spirit was convicting them of sin, and pointing them to Jesus, they put Him off!  With Felix, that convenient time never came. This is true of many people who delay making the decision to follow Jesus, only to discover that they had allowed the day of grace to slip away. Hell is filled with people who decided to wait for a more convenient time.

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