Acts 22 “A Love For Israel” – Sunday 11/16/14 – 10am – cd#1532

Acts 22

THE APOSTLE PAUL LOVED HIS NATION, ISRAEL, and he had always wanted to share the gospel with his fellow Jews. He felt he understood them so well, that he could convince them Jesus was the Messiah.  Paul’s Love for Israel was that they might be saved. He had such a desire to reach the Jews that he was willing to die for the opportunity.

Here, in Acts 22, we see Paul, filled with the Spirit, while the people cry out; “Kill him, kill him, away with him” and still Paul pleaded for permission to address the angry Jews! So when he had been given permission, he stood up on the stairs of the Temple and began to speak to the crowd in Hebrew. This was Paul’s opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the Jews, it was the moment he had been waiting for since he asked Jesus Christ into his heart.

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