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Acts 24 “Delayed Decisions” – Nov.30, 2014 – CD# 1534

Acts 24

PAUL TESTIFIED TO GOVERNOR FELIX THAT THERE IS A DAY OF JUDGMENT COMING.  He told Felix that he had not been living right, and his sins were going to catch up with him. (Acts24) Felix heard, understood, and was even afraid, but he delayed making any decision. This is what people often do; they delay a decision that is certainly the most important decision they will ever make. Felix was convicted of his sin yet he put off any decision, telling Paul; “Go your way now. When it is convenient, I’ll call you.” He put off the most important decision of his life.

Many people have made this same mistake, delaying the decision to commit their lives to Christ. In that hour when God’s Spirit was convicting them of sin, and pointing them to Jesus, they put Him off!  With Felix, that convenient time never came. This is true of many people who delay making the decision to follow Jesus, only to discover that they had allowed the day of grace to slip away. Hell is filled with people who decided to wait for a more convenient time.

Acts 23 “Courageous Christian” – Sunday, 11/23/14 – cd# 1533

 Acts 23

THE APOSTLE PAUL WAS BACK IN PRISON FOR TESTIFYING TO THE JEWS ABOUT JESUS (Acts 23). He was rejected by his brethren who he loved, and prayed would come to Christ.   Jesus told Paul: “You testified of Me in Jerusalem. It didn’t work out the way you thought it would, so now you must testify in Rome.” Jesus took Paul out of his depression by calling him to put the past behind, and press on to what God had for him in the future. Christians must all do the same (Phil.3:14).

There may be times in your life when you have been forsaken by everyone. But Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. Paul was forsaken by most of his Jewish brothers, just as Jesus was, but the Lord, stood with him in those dark days of his life, and the Lord will always stand with you who love God


Acts 22 “A Love For Israel” – Sunday 11/16/14 – 10am – cd#1532

Acts 22

THE APOSTLE PAUL LOVED HIS NATION, ISRAEL, and he had always wanted to share the gospel with his fellow Jews. He felt he understood them so well, that he could convince them Jesus was the Messiah.  Paul’s Love for Israel was that they might be saved. He had such a desire to reach the Jews that he was willing to die for the opportunity.

Here, in Acts 22, we see Paul, filled with the Spirit, while the people cry out; “Kill him, kill him, away with him” and still Paul pleaded for permission to address the angry Jews! So when he had been given permission, he stood up on the stairs of the Temple and began to speak to the crowd in Hebrew. This was Paul’s opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the Jews, it was the moment he had been waiting for since he asked Jesus Christ into his heart.

Acts 21 “Paul’s Steadfast Witness” – Sunday 10am 11/9/14 – CD# 1531

Acts 21

Paul was steadfast as he purposed in his heart to testify to the Jews at Jerusalem. Nothing would detour him – not fear of physical or emotional afflictions which the Holy Spirit warned him about. He did not fear what people would say or think, such as his friends weeping and warning. Paul was not concerned about unimportant and non-essentials, such as Jewish vows or men’s traditions.

Nothing would detour this steadfast witness for Jesus Christ, even when the actual physical abuse and false charges come he is still witnessing.

The Apostle Paul left Christians a great example and many lessons here in Acts chapter 21.