Acts 19:21-41 “Decision at Ephesus” Oct.26,2014 – CD#1529

Acts 1 -

THE CHURCH HAS ALWAYS PROSPERED UNDER PERSECUTION. . When the church is protected by the government, it becomes weak & ineffective. When Jesus addressed the church of Ephesus in Rev.2, He said; “I have this against you, that you have left your first love – Repent and do the first works…” The Lord wants our love to remain fervent. He wants us to always be filled with the Holy Spirit.   The history of Ephesus, and this riot of Acts 19, is a warning to Christians about the importance of maintaining love for the things of God, and rejecting the temporary things of the world. By the end of the first century, other forces had crept into the church in Ephesus and they had lost their vitality, their love, and their power, until finally there was no church at all.                                       I pray we would never let our love grow cold, but that the fire of God’s Holy Spirit would always burn in our hearts & lives as we seek to serve Jesus here in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California and the uttermost parts of our world

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