Acts 19 “Spiritual Baptism” – 10/26/14 – cd#1528

Acts 19

WHO is Acts 19 about? The Holy Spirit, the 3rd Person of the Godhead, and His work in the Christian church!                                                                                                                         WHEN did this happen? After Paul asked them, “Did you receive The Holy Spirit when you believed”? He surely noticed a lack of power, or love for one another, & spiritual deadness!              WHAT happened? Paul laid his hands upon them, & the Holy Spirit came upon them & they spoke with tongues & prophesied! And God worked many miracles & Christ was glorified.                WHERE did this happen? In Ephesus, a stronghold of Satan! Where sorcery & ungodly, forbidden arts were plentiful!                                                                                                                           WHY did this happen? So Christians could know these are two separate experiences! Water Baptism, for repentance of sin, & Spiritual Baptism for the power to Love & overcome Satan!    HOW did this happen? By the laying on of hands; with Paul, & in Acts 8 with Peter & John in Samaria! But in Acts 10 there was no laying on of hands, the Spirit fell while Peter was speaking.                          There’s no formula with God, He will always do it His way.

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