Acts 18 “God’s Grace In Tough Times” 10/12/14 – cd#1527

Acts 18

WHO is Acts 18 about? The Corinthians & the ones who brought the Gospel to them; Paul, Silas, Timothy, Aquila, Priscilla!  And the Jews who opposed God’s Word & blasphemed!

WHAT happened? Paul came to a decision to go to the Gentiles & said to the Jews who had blasphemed; “Your blood be upon your own heads, from now on I will go to the Gentiles”.

WHEN did this happen? After Paul’s experience in Athens at the Areopagus, and when Silas & Timothy came from Macedonia!

WHERE did this happen? In Corinth, a huge cultural center & a worship center of Aphrodite, an idle of fertility sensuality!

WHY did this happen? So Christians can be encouraged, & know that God’s Grace will always be there in tough times; we should never be afraid! God is the same yesterday, today & forever!

HOW did this happen? It was only by the Grace of God that Paul was protected & the enemies of the Gospel were contained!

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