Acts 17:16-34 “Believe and Commit” – 10/5/14 – cd#1526

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EVERY PERSON WHO HEARS THE GOSPEL MUST DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES what they will do with God’s Word. Only the Holy Spirit enables a person to have the spiritual capacity to really understand the Gospel. In the parable of the sower (Mat.13) we learn that only one fourth of the seed (the Gospel) that is sown actually bears fruit. The difference is in the soil, which is the heart. If only one fourth of the people actually hear our message, and respond in the spirit, then we are experiencing what Jesus told us it would be like. But if you want to be one who bears fruit then you must believe and commit your life to Jesus, and surrender to His Holy Spirit.                                                           Here, in Acts 17, we see different responses to the Gospel; some mock, some delay making any decision, and some believe and commit their lives to Jesus Christ. It is important for you to decide for yourself because one day God is going to judge the world in righteousness through Jesus Christ.

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