Acts 11 “God’s Hand At Work” – 8/3/14 – cd# 1517

God is weaving everything together. The Holy Spirit is directing the actions of His Church. (Acts 11) It is very interesting when you get to be an older Christian, and look back and see how God was weaving the events and circumstances of your life all along the way. Things I didn’t understand at the time. Things I even rebelled against because I didn’t understand them. But now I can see that God brought it all together. He had me there in order that He might put me here, and you can see how the whole thing is linked together, and God’s hand was in it all the time. So you see here in the Book of Acts how each event relates to the others. It is wonderful to see God working in different ways as He builds up His church. We are excited to have this part in God’s work – seeing the hand of God at work in each new event being related to some event in the past, and seeing His hand at work all the way. Acts 11

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