Acts 10 “Good News For All” – 7/27/14 – CD#1516

Traditions are sometimes stronger than doctrine; and often we hold our traditions even when they are not doctrinally sound. As far as the Jews were concerned, the Gentiles (anyone not a Jew) were unclean. For a person with a strong Jewish background, it would have been extremely difficult to rise above the hold tradition had on him. (Acts 10Acts 10) Peter grew up in the Jewish traditions, and looked upon the Gentiles as unclean. Now the Lord was going to bring about in Peter a very radical and dramatic change ā€“ the realization that God would save Gentiles! The Jews did not believe a Gentile could be saved. They believed the Gentiles had to proselytize (convert) to the Jewish faith in order to be saved. This was the belief of the early church. Now Jesus would break Peter and the early church away from that tradition.

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