Acts 9 “The Way of Love” 7/20/14 – CD#1515

God sees that we are attracted by sin, and He resolves to attract us with His more powerful Way of Love. Remember when Jesus first moved you away from the fascinations of the world? He will do this again and again, whenever He sees us being attracted to sin. Just as he did for Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus (Acts 9), Jesus will take you and me to a lonely place. And this place is not a paradise, but a wilderness, because in such a place there will be nothing to take our attention from our God. In loneliness and affliction the presence of Jesus Christ becomes everything to us, and we love His fellowship more than any other. When we are all alone the Lord has great things to say to us as He speaks to our heart. Lord, help us understand this promise through our experience! Alone and comforted by the Way of Love, we will know the Lord more intimately, and sing for joy! Acts 9 Demascus

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