Acts 8:26-40 “Submitting to God’s Plans” 7/13/14 – CD#1515

Acts 8THE MAN OF ETHIOPIA, (Acts 8:26-40) was a man with great authority who had a sincere desire to know God, and come to be submitted to God’s plan. In his search for God, he had gone to Jerusalem, and acquired the Holy Scriptures. He was going back to Ethiopia when Philip, who was a man of great Spiritual authority, met him and taught him about Jesus Christ from the Holy Scriptures. I believe God honors hearts that are searching sincerely for Him. I believe God will reveal Himself to an honest heart that is truly seeking Him. There are stories of people in remote areas who, when missionaries came to share the truth of Jesus Christ, these people said; “We’ve come to believe in Him, we just didn’t know His name!”

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