Acts 8 “Preaching Through Persecution” July 6, 2014 CD#1514

Stephen could no longer be with his loved ones, for his hour had come to die; but he left them with a message and a vision from the Holy Spirit – the Glory of God awaits us. When our loved ones are called home to Jesus, we must console ourselves with the fact that they’re in the Glorious presence of God. Though our loved ones have left, Christ has not left us but lives with us forever. What joy we have! God is with us as individuals; as families, and churches. The early church continued preaching the Gospel bravely and joyously through persecution. They knew Stephen was in the Glorious presence of God, and that Christ was with them. The Gospel must continue, the truth must win, for the Lord is with those who are with Him. Every day God’s Holy Word brings strength and joy to every Christian who turns to Him. No greater happiness is possible.

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