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Acts 7:37 – 60 “Israel’s History of Rebellion” June 29, 2014 CD# 1513

STEPHEN’S MESSAGE WAS FIRST; GOD IS NO RESPECTOR OF PLACES. The temple was beautiful but it was wrong to idolize it as “the house of God.” Second, Israel had a long history of rebelling against God’s messengers. Jesus said it is impossible for old wineskins to hold new wine (Matt 9:17). Through Stephen, the Holy Spirit shows how the old traditions (wineskins) of Judaism (especially idolizing the temple) cannot contain the new wine of Christianity. God used Stephen’s martyrdom to send the church out to the whole world, but God also used his message to show that there was no theological reason to prevent the gospel from going to the Gentiles. Stephen took the sharp knife of God’s Word and exposed the sins of the people, laying open their hearts. The fact that he was facing certain death made Stephen even more zealous.

Acts 7 “Israel’s History and Vision” – June 22, 2014 – CD#1512

THE HIGH PRIEST ASKED: “Are these things so?” That was all Stephen needed, he saw it as an open door to testify concerning Israel & God’s promises for them. (Acts 7) . Jesus told His disciples that they would be brought before kings and magistrates. Christ told them not to worry about what they would say in that hour because the Holy Spirit would give them the words. So we find this model for us throughout the Book of Acts. Every time Christians stood before courts, kings or judges; when God gave them an open door, they used it to share the Gospel. Pastor Chuck Smith

ACTS 6 “CHOSEN TO SERVE” – Father’s Day 2014 – 6/15/14 – CD#1511

STEPHEN was a man filled with faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 6) He was a man who was serving tables in obedience to God’s call. I’ve heard ministry referred to as “the highest calling.” But there is no one “highest calling.” Whatever God has called you to do is your highest calling. If it’s serving tables, great! Do it as unto the Lord. “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Col.3:17). I am what I am for the Lord because of His calling upon me. It is important that I be faithful to His call on my life. Pastor Chuck Smith

ACTS 5 “Holy Spirit Power” – June 8, 2014 – cd# 1510

Hypocrisy (acting like you’re something you are not) is a horrible sin that has plagued the church, and mankind, since Adam fell. God dealt very severely with hypocrisy during the birth of the church. In Acts 5 Ananias and Sapphira were making a pretense of giving everything to God, and yet were holding back, obviously by agreeing between themselves to lie. So peter, exercising the gift of discernment, challenged Ananias. “Why would you pretend to give everything to God when you are holding back?” Notice that Peter told Ananias that he was lying to the Holy Spirit. Peter explained that he had not lied to man, but to God. Lying to the Holy Spirit is the same as lying to God, the Holy Spirit is God, one of the three Persons of the Trinity, and He exercises the power of God. Ananias and Sapphira paid the highest price for this hypocrisy.