Acts 3 “The Gift of Faith” May 18, 2014 – CD#1507


PETER trusted God completely when he took the lame man’s hand and lifted him to his feet (Acts 3). The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that there is a special gift of faith that God will give us in some situations. The Lord assures us, when He gives us the gift faith, that He will enable us to step out in situations that seem impossible. I can look back and recognize God’s amazing gift of faith at work in my own life and ministry during special situations. I remember praying for a demon possessed girl and realizing that it would take a miracle to set her free. God gave me the gift of faith to believe Him, and to pray for her, and God set her free. While praying with drug addicts who wanted Jesus to set them free, God would assure me that He would do the work if I would beleive and pray. Since 1974, through all kinds of spiritual war, I have seen the Holy Spirit’s gift of faith poured out abundantly. And the Holy Spirit is the same today.

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