Acts 2 “God’s Perfect Plan” May 11, 2014 – CD 1506

PETER TELLS US THAT THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. . It was not a terrible tragedy brought on by the mob at Pilot’s court. It was God’s Perfect Plan all along. This is proved by the fact that it was prophesied in the Scriptures hundreds of years before it happened (for example, Ps. 22 & Isa.53). This is why it is foolish to blame the Jews or the Romans for Jesus’ Crucifixion.
If you want to place the blame for the death of Jesus Christ, look in the mirror. It was for your sins and mine that Jesus died on that cross. It was God’s Perfect Plan all along that Christ should be born of the Virgin Mary, live the only perfect sinless life, and give that life for mankind’s sins. And three days later Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead to show us He was able to pay our debt and overcome death.

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