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Acts 4:13-37 “Who Do We Obey?” June 1, 2014 CD#1509

FAITH AND OBEDIENCE ARE ALWAYS FOUND TOGETHER IN GOD’S WORD.. It’s impossible to separate obedience from faith. The two sides represent the normal Christian life. Separate them and they have no value. Insisting on honoring only one side of the faith-obedience coin has worked a lot of harm in Christian circles. Faith has been made everything and obedience nothing. The result among Christians is moral weakness, spiritual blindness, and a slow but constant drift away from New Testament Christianity. Jesus made it very plain that spiritual truth cannot be understood until the heart has made a full commitment to it. “If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether My teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own” (John 7:17). The willingness to do comes before the knowing. Jesus demands obedience before He will unveil His riches to the seeker.

Acts 4 “A Time To Worship & Pray” May 25, 2014 – CD#1508

PRAYER SHOULD ALWAYS BEGIN WITH WORSHIP; a time of recognizing the greatness of God, acknowledging the One to whom we are coming for help, and realizing that Jesus has it all under control. Worship gives us spiritual perspective and spiritual strength. Then we are ready to bring our petitions to Him.
When we see unrighteousness in the world, we can do much more through prayer than we can through public demonstrations. I am not a person who likes to protest, or carry picket signs; but if you want to get together and pray about it, I’m ready. Pastor Chuck Smith

Acts 3 “The Gift of Faith” May 18, 2014 – CD#1507


PETER trusted God completely when he took the lame man’s hand and lifted him to his feet (Acts 3). The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that there is a special gift of faith that God will give us in some situations. The Lord assures us, when He gives us the gift faith, that He will enable us to step out in situations that seem impossible. I can look back and recognize God’s amazing gift of faith at work in my own life and ministry during special situations. I remember praying for a demon possessed girl and realizing that it would take a miracle to set her free. God gave me the gift of faith to believe Him, and to pray for her, and God set her free. While praying with drug addicts who wanted Jesus to set them free, God would assure me that He would do the work if I would beleive and pray. Since 1974, through all kinds of spiritual war, I have seen the Holy Spirit’s gift of faith poured out abundantly. And the Holy Spirit is the same today.

Acts 2 “God’s Perfect Plan” May 11, 2014 – CD 1506

PETER TELLS US THAT THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. . It was not a terrible tragedy brought on by the mob at Pilot’s court. It was God’s Perfect Plan all along. This is proved by the fact that it was prophesied in the Scriptures hundreds of years before it happened (for example, Ps. 22 & Isa.53). This is why it is foolish to blame the Jews or the Romans for Jesus’ Crucifixion.
If you want to place the blame for the death of Jesus Christ, look in the mirror. It was for your sins and mine that Jesus died on that cross. It was God’s Perfect Plan all along that Christ should be born of the Virgin Mary, live the only perfect sinless life, and give that life for mankind’s sins. And three days later Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead to show us He was able to pay our debt and overcome death.

Acts 2 – “Standing On Solid Ground” May 4, 2014 – CD#1505

PETER PROCLAIMED IN ACTS CHAPTER 2, THAT THE EVENTS THAT OCCURRED WHEN THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS POURED OUT ON THE DAY OF PENTACOST FULFILLED THE BIBLICAL PROPHECIES OF THE PROPHET JOEL. It is important that Christians are able to give a scriptural basis for what is happening. I am not interested in spiritual things for which there is no solid Bible basis.
One of the problems in these last days is that there are lots of spiritual things taking place for which there is no Biblical base. So I question the validity of these things and I attribute them to something other than the work of the Holy Spirit. Whether demonic, or worldly, unless there is a scriptural basis for it, you are on dangerous ground. You can’t use experience as a criterion for truth because people come along with all kinds of weird experiences. The Bible is our basis for truth. If we stand on the Word of God, we are Standing on Solid Ground.