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Revelation 22 “I Am Coming Quickly” 3/30/2014 – # SM 1501

THE WORD “QUICKLY” HERE IN REV. 22:12 DOES NOT MEAN “SHORTLY” OR “IMMEDIATELY”.“ There are many scoffers who say “Jesus said He would come quickly, but it has been two thousand years and He still hasn’t come.”
However, the idea here is that when Jesus comes, everything will happen quickly. Paul said that it will happen “in a moment, I the twinkling of an eye” (1 Cor.15:52). When the time is right, things will happen quickly. It will be an instantaneous transformation.

Revelation 21 “The Holy City” – 3/23/14 # SM 1500

THE NEW JERUSALEM WILL BE A 1500 MILE SQUARE, OR 2.25 MILLION SQUARE MILES. The interesting thing is that it is a 1500 mile three dimensional cube. Its length, breadth, and height are equal.
So if you think of it as a skyscraper that is 1500 miles high and 1500 miles square, you might get the feel for how big it really will be. Even if each floor is a half-mile high, the total surface area is larger than the landmass of the entire planet. And who needs half-mile high ceilings; our new bodies?
The point is, it will be big enough, and there is plenty of room for YOU to enter in, IF you will.

1 Timothy 6 “The Living God” 3/16/14 – SM.Mike

THE PERSON WHO SERVES THE LIVING GOD should always run away from materialism, and run after the things of the Kingdom of Heaven; Righteousness Peace and Joy in the Spirit.”
It isn’t easy, but Christians must fight the good fight of faith, and take hold of eternal life and keep the eternal perspective! When we follow after money, or material things, we are fighting the wrong battle. Christians need to fight the good fight of faith, which means the battle should always focus on eternal treasures, never temporal ones.

Revelation 21 “His Word is True and Faithful” #1499 – 3/9/2014

WHEN JESUS ESTABLISHES THE NEW HEAVEN AND EARTH “God will wipe away every tear; there shall be no more death, or sorrow, or crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”
That sounds like the most beautiful dream you could ever imagine! It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is true! I believe that is why God says again and again that “these words are true and faithful.” You can trust in everything He says. This is really going to happen!