Revelation 13 “The Unholy Trinity” # 1488 – 12/15/13

REVELATION 13 REVEALS THE FINAL WORLD POWER THAT WILL BE RULED BY SATAN’S UNHOLY TRINITY. Satan (the Dragon) will give power & authority to the 1st Beast that rises out of the sea (anti-Christ). He will be “resurrected” after being mortally wounded. The 2nd beast will come performing great signs & wonders to deceive those who are on the earth at this time. He will cause the people to worship the first beast (anti-Christ).
Can you see Satan’s counterfeit trinity? The dragon giving power & authority is a counterfeit of the Father. The ruler of the final world power is the counterfeit Christ as described in Daniel 7. And the counterfeit Holy Spirit is the 2nd beast who will perform great signs and wonders, and point people to anti-Christ and cause them to worship him.

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