Revelation 11 “Christ’s Kingdom Come” – 12/1/13 – #1486

THE TEMPLES that were built here on earth by King Solomon (destroyed in 586 BC) and the 2nd Temple, rebuilt by Ezra and Nehemiah (516 BC) then improved upon by Herod, (destroyed in 70 AD) were only models of the True Temple, which is in heaven. That is why the instructions were so precise. They were patterned after the temple in heaven. We know that Anti-Christ will build a 3rd Temple. (Dan.9-Matt.24-Rev.13). We don’t know where the Ark of the Covenant that was in Solomon’s temple is today, but it was only a model of the real one that is in heaven. We shouldn’t spend a lot of effort trying to find the Ark here on earth. Someday we will see the real thing in heaven with Jesus.

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