Revelation 11 “God’s Two Witnesses” 11/17/13 #1485

GOD’S TWO WITNESSES WILL PROPHECY DURING THE GREAT TRIBULATION. They will be martyred, resurrected, and raptured. Malachi prophesied that Elijah would be coming before the day of the Lord. (Mal.4). But the identity of the second prophet is not as clear. Some think it will be Enoch, because Enoch, like Elijah, never died. Others think it might be Zechariah, or John the Baptist. The leading candidate would have to be Moses, and that is who I think it will be. The miracles the witnesses perform are like the miracles of Moses and Elijah. Moses would be seen as representing the Law, while Elijah represents the Prophets. Also when Jesus was transfigured, Moses and Elijah were with Him, so it seems reasonable that they would be His two witnesses. God’s two witnesses will be indestructible until they finish their testimony, and I believe the same is true of all Christians. Nothing can harm us until God finishes what He wants to do in us and through us.

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