Revelation 10 “GOD’S BITTER-SWEET WORD” 11/10/13 #1484

IN HIS VISION, AS JOHN TAKES THE LITTLE SCROLL, AND EATS IT, HE REALIZES THAT THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS ABOUT TO COME TO EARTH, IT WAS SWEET …. The thought of the glories of heaven, coming to earth when Jesus Christ rules; the deserts blossoming like a rose, the lion & lamb eating together, no more wars! Thinking about it was as sweet as honey!
But then as John begins to digest the fact that the wrath of God must take place first, & judgment must be poured out on the earth, he became sick. It is a bitter-sweet thing, even as Christians today look forward to the return of Christ, & the glories of His kingdom on earth, we also realize that it will mean God’s judgment must come, & there will be weeping & gnashing of teeth in the process.
This Revelation is given so Christians will know the time is at hand to share the Gospel with this lost world.

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