“Prayers & Judgments” Rev. 8 – 10/20/13 #1481

WHEN JESUS OPENS THE 7TH SEAL, THERE IS SILENCE IN HEAVEN. At the same time John saw an angel offering incense upon the golden altar. And the smoke of the incense, mixed with the prayers of the saints ascended before God. Silence can sometimes be an awesome thing. There will possibly be a billion people in heaven. Imagine that many people in total silence. It would be like the calm before a storm. Weather experts say there is an awesome silence right before a tornado hits; just as there is in the eye of a hurricane. So there will be this silence in heaven, right before the judgment hits.
Paul’s warning of Acts 20:27-31 could not be more applicable for at time such as ours when biblical discernment is more necessary than ever. …. I used to think “Paul, what’s your problem? You don’t have to deal with TBN … Charisma Mag… The New Apostolic Reformation … Christianity Today mag … So-called Christian Psychology… Replacement Theology … Hyper-Calvinism … The Emerging church.. Joel’s Army … The Contemplative Movement… The Message “Bible” … Purpose Driven Marketing … The Christian Right, The Christian Left … Progressive Christianity … and on and on and on … Then it dawned on me what I missed. It’s not primarily what Paul had to deal with, but it’s his heart for his brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s his love for the Bride of Christ and believers who could be seduced and have their faith shipwrecked. That should cause all of us to search our own hearts as the apostasy ensnares Christians, particularly in our upcoming generation. I hope and pray that we will search our hearts regarding Paul’s tearful plea.

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