Rev. 7 “The Tribulation Saints” – 10,13,13 -#1480

TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE RUNNING FOR SOMETHING WHEN THEY OUGHT TO BE STANDING FOR SOMETHING.. God’s people should be willing to stand, like those who come out of the Great Tribulation! But some Christians are brainwashed in so many ways that they are afraid to speak out against sin in any form. The enemy of our souls has persuaded us that Christianity should be a casual thing—not something to get excited about. Fellow Christians, we only have a little time here on earth. Jesus Christ commands that we engage in things eternal. I believe that the blessed anointing of the Holy Spirit does not have the opportunity to flow freely among Christians of our day. We can hardly expect any real move of the Spirit among those who proudly class themselves as liberal Christians. They reject the deity of Christ, the inspiration of the Bible, and the divine gifts of the Holy Spirit. How can the Spirit of God bless those who do not believe? A.W.Tozer


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