“Wake Up or Die” Rev. 3 – Sunday 8,4,13

SARDIS represents that period of church history called the Protestant Reformation. It began in the 1500s and exists through the present day. This movement started with some great men, such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and others. This church has works, & a name, but Jesus says they will die if they don’t wake up & strengthen the things which remain. The reformation was born out of a love of the Scriptures and a desire to conform to what the Bible said the church should be. The reformers fought against many of the abuses of the Catholic Church. But Jesus said their works (the Reformation) were incomplete because they retained many of the pagan traditions of the Catholic Church, and because of that they developed into an organizational structure that was soon dead. It is sad to see that some churches have become as dead as the church they set out to reform. Jesus said “Remember how you received and heard; hold fast & repent.” Those in dead Protestantism need to go back to their early teachings rooted in the Word of God. If they don’t wake up the return of the Lord will hit them like a thief, for they won’t be ready.

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